Use cannabis oil for anxiety

Do you experience anxiety symptoms? Well, CBD oil might just be the solution you’re hoping for. CBD oil is a compound derived from marijuana plants. It may help patients who suffer from anxiety reduce their symptoms with few or no side effects. Studies on CBD oil are still in its infancy, but there is an increasing amount of evidence to assume that some patients can indeed get relief from anxiety. In this article we’ll tell you everything about cannabidiol and how it might help you reduce symptoms of anxiety.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabis oil for anxiety? CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and, as the name already suggests, can be consumed as an oil. CBD oil is rich in chemicals such as cannabinoids that bind to specialised receptors in the brain. THC is the most well known cannabinoid, causing the high people feel after consuming cannabis. But THC is just one of the many dozens of cannabinoids. Cannabidiol offers the benefit to bind to these receptors without producing a high. Supporters therefore claim that CBD oil offers many health related benefits, ranging from slowing down the spread of cancer cells to overall better mental health.


Cannabidiol can be used as a cooking oil without any problem. It can therefore be added to food. Patients can also take it as a medicine by consuming a few drops. CBD oil is not to be smoked, and there is no proof that using it as aromatherapy will give you any benefits.

Cannabis oil and anxiety

Cannabis oil for anxiety? Most of the studies on products related to cannabis have investigated the use of marijuana rather than at cannabinoids as a separate ingredient. Some tests showed that cannabis might reduce symptoms of anxiety. Others studies, however, argue that having anxiety is a risk factor for recreational cannabis use. At the same time it is claimed that consuming cannabis could make a person even more sensitive to anxiety. Patients interested in controlling their anxiety with cannabinoids should look solely at studies on cannabidiol, not the broader studies of medical cannabis. Although there is still a lot of studies to be performed, the primary research on CBD oil offer a reason for optimism.

Considerations to take prior to consumption

Studies on the consumption of cannabis reveal that it may have negative health effects, especially when smoked. Studies specifically on cannabidiol, on the other hand, have found few or no negative side effects. This points out that CBD oil may be an alternative medicine for patients who have difficulties with the side effects of other medications for anxiety symptoms.


The exact role of CBD oil as a treatment for anxiety symptoms remains unclear for now. More in-depth research is therefore needed to examine both benefits and risks. For patients who suffer anxiety and who have experienced non significant results with other prescriptions, cannabidiol offers a potential alternative. Patients taking CBD oil into mind should consult their doctor first to determine what is best for them. If moving forward with CBD oil, patients should also ask their doctor to determine the right dosage for their personal needs. It is also advised to research the laws in your country regarding the use of cannabis related products.