Use cannabis oil for arthritis

There is no doubt arthritis is one of the most discouraging illnesses to deal with. Daily tasks like eating a meal, standing up, and walking around in a supermarket can become unbearable if someone is suffering chronic pain. Most treatments turn out to be ineffective, forcing people to camouflage the pain with either painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. Even chemotherapy drugs are increasingly used to suppress these symptoms. No wonder most people are turning to cannabis oil for arthritis. And we can see why. CBD oils can lead to an effective relief without any harmful side effects. But, does cannabis actually treat arthritis? Recent studies show it can.

Cannabis oil for arthritis

More and more studies show that cannabis does not only ease arthritis pain, but that the herb is also capable to calm the immune system and ease related symptoms. Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis oil for arthritis.

What is (rheumatoid) arthritis?

Arthritis, also known as Rheumatoid Arthritis or RA, can be described as an autoimmune disorder. This means the human body attacks itself as if it were trying to keep bacterial and other viral invaders at a distance. While doing this, an over productive immune system damages the soft tissues in your joints and surrounding your bones. This enforced response causes excess inflammation, which then leads to chronic pain. As with most autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammation, and an unbalanced immune system can have severe effects on the human body. We could loosely compare autoimmune diseases to having a permanent flu, but a whole lot worse. Doesn’t sound too promising now, does it?

The consequences of inflammation reduction

Chronical inflammation can lead to a lot of physical disruption. When someone has an injury or a common cold, inflammation is an automatic healthy bodily response. On the other hand, rampant swelling from autoimmune disease is a complete different story. When the body remains in a permanent inflamed state, it starts to age a lot faster. In fact, the body is starting to fall apart. Inflammation reduction can therefore be seen as an auto destructive process. People with arthritis are overwhelmed with inflammation. And this is where cannabis oil can be very effective. Because there are inflammation-fighting compounds in the herb.

Cannabis and arthritis pain

Constant pain is one of the most discouraging aspects of arthritis. Luckily, the support for using cannabis oil as a solution is growing everyday. As a matter of fact, it is concerned as one of the most effective chronic pain management tools of the moment. In a study on the medical effects of cannabis in 2010, researchers found that just three puffs of cannabis a day can significantly reduce arthritis pain. It can also lower the intensity of pain and improve sleep. But are cannabinoids actually effective in reducing pain caused by grinding bones? Yes, researchers think it does. Now it’s time for the rest of the pharmaceutical industry to get on board as well. Because at the end it’s all about the wellbeing of the patient. And of course, less pain.