Medical Cannabis Oil

It’s completely normal for new medical cannabis oil patients to feel a bit overwhelmed with the variety of products available. With all of the new products and cannabis oil inventions popping up, it can be rather tricky to find yourself the best option. Therefore, we’ll tell you a bit more about medical cannabis oil.

What is medical cannabis oil?

Medical cannabis oil is basically the essential oil of the cannabis plant. The medical parts of the herb can be found in resin glands on the outside of the plant. The medical cannabis oil itself is made by separating the oils from the main plant. This leads to a highly concentrated product and makes cannabis oil one of the most therapeutic cannabis products on the market.

Variations of cannabis oil

Nevertheless, there are different variations that can be related to cannabis oil. Though some will debate this claim, it’s disputable that the most valuable medical cannabis oil comes from extracts that are produced from full cannabis buds. We describe some of the different types of medical cannabis oil available:

  • Full extract: if homemade, full extract oils are usually made with alcohol as the primary solvent. Thanks to innovative extraction technologies it’s possible to use a variety of different solvents, some of them harsher than others. Some solvents, such as CO2, strip out much of the useful terpenes during the extraction process.
  • THC: full-extract oils made from high-THC plants contain psychoactive. The THC levels in a full extract oil can even top 60%. The oils will therefore result to a psychoactive reaction and are usually used by people with serious medical conditions.
  • 1:1: one-to-one cannabis extracts are pretty exceptional and it’s easy to see why. They’re made from strains with an even proportion of THC and CBD. Health specialists inform that THC and CBD deliver a great product, when combined, but not on an individual level.
  • CBD: full extract oils made from high-CBD plants, are known to be non-psychoactive. In fact, these extracts often lead to a more calm mood. CBD extracts are also considered healing for pain management and help in order to deal with stress.